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Final Fantasy I
Review, by Seth Booker

In July of 1990 a role-playing game came out for the NES that would change role-playing games forever, that game was Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy had players hooked, it was unique from any other game of its time from start to finish.

You started out by picking four of six different warriors, they were: The Fighter, The Thief, The Black Belt, and the Black, White, and Red Mages. The object of the game was to find the four elemental orbs that keep the world in balance, but to do that you must kill and elemental fiend for each one. The battle format was definitely unique, on the left side of the screen was your party, and on the right side was the enemy party, and you had to take turns trading blows until the enemies were wiped out. The music and sound effects were nothing short of awesome, it had some cool sound effects and many unforgettable tunes.

This game is a classic and a must have, if you have an NES and this game, then you know what I'm talking about, if you don't have this game, you have to get it, I strongly reccomend this game. To this day I still play this game, in fact there are still games coming out in the Final Fantasy series for the Playstation, in fact they have just come out with Final Fantasy 9, and I'm sure it won't end there because Final Fantasy is a legend and legends never die. Here is how I would rank it on a scale of 1-10:

Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 9
Sound effects: 7
Music: 10
Replay value: 8
Overall: 9

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