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Final Fantasy VI
Review, by Kieron Rees, 23rd July 2000

Only the third Final Fantasy game to reach the western shores this really was a good one. It was the sixth game available in Japan and took off on both fronts.

The game followed a very unique storyline and like all the other final fantasy games this story has no ties with the others bar two, Moggles (aka mogs) and chocobo's. In the game a in-crazed general known as Kelfka has manipulated the power of the gods to use for his own evil purposes. He is also killing espers to get their magicite power.

This game was for the Super Nintendo and used the SFX chip to render a 3D overworld which really was good for the date of the technology. The sprites and backgrounds were expertly drawn by Square's team of artists and it shows. The realism and emotions in the faces even for a 2D game is astounding and even though there is no fancy CGI cut scenes, the scenes still take you in and pull you even closer to the character.

The music is really something and from the cheery chocobo music to the music that fills you with dread on the world of ruin you will love it.

The control's are basic stuff, A select , B unselect, X bring up menu, arrows move/move cursor. Once you are familier witht hi sytem you can manuaver the coutnless menu's pretty easily.

Some parts of the game are astoundingly difficult and so difficult it may deter you from the game for a couple of weeks but you'll get pulled back into it in no time.

In America before this game Final Fantasy has been good but this game took it to immense popularity. Something I find odd is the western number system. You see 6 is called 3 over here but the sequal is Final Fantasy 7. Maybe they didn't want to confuse anyone with two different titles! If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy Series then you'll love this.


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